The Great Restoration

“A vibrant, fast-paced, and tense fusion of epic fantasy and hard-boiled detective yarn.” – Kirkus Reviews

Traitors to humanity, the Wardens were an ancient order of men and women seeking to once more enslave their own people to the Elves. With the rise of rifle and iron rail, Elves were finally driven from the world, but in secret enclaves, the Wardens speak of the Great Restoration, which will bring their masters back into power…

Nearly a decade after fighting the war in Gedlund, Gus Baston has found work as a private investigator in the Verin Empire’s crime-infested capitol. He makes his living at the edges of society, friend to neither police nor criminal classes, and when the Wardens suddenly emerge from obscurity to kidnap a prominent engineer, Gus must rescue him or risk being blamed for the crime himself.

But why would Elves want an engineer? And why have the Wardens suddenly shown themselves after forty years in hiding?

This second Tale of the Verin Empire returns us to the world of Gedlund, which was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2016. The second Tale explores a world of crime and intrigue in both the capital, and on the Aelfuan frontier.

Drawing inspiration from Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes and our own late 19th century, The Great Restoration continues William Ray’s bold, critically acclaimed reinvention of classic fantasy in a world of memorable characters and unique perspectives.

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